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ISAM 2017 Call for Abstracts

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ISAM 2017 Poster Guidelines


Oral presentations of papers form the basis of the ISAM 2017 program and bring all attendees up to date with the most recent advances in higher education makerspaces.


Poster sessions provide an essential opportunity to network and have a dialogue regarding the latest in higher education makerspaces. Read the ISAM 2017 Poster Guidelines.

There are two types of posters at ISAM:

  • Student Project Posters are an opportunity for students to show off their cool projects for a chance to win prize money.
  • Technical Posters either supplement to a paper presentation or stand alone as a poster session presentation.

Conference Topics

Conference sessions will feature paper presentations, panel discussions, and Q&A opportunities around the following higher education makerspace topics.

  • Community and Industry
  • Defining Success:  Metrics, Data Collection, & Impact
  • Funding Models, Revenue Streams & Sustainability
  • Makerspace Mission, Vision, Goals & Core Values
  • Management & Staffing Models
  • Navigating Policies and Politics to Promote Campus Collaborations
  • Role of Libraries in Promoting Academic Making
  • Space Design, Workflow, Equipment, and Safety & OSHA Regulations
  • Spaces for Industrial Design, Art, Architecture, Jewelry, and Fashion
  • Supporting and Promoting Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Training, Documentation and Competency Certification
  • User Engagement, Programming and Controlling Access

Important Dates

June 9, 2017Paper/poster abstract submissions due by midnight. Extended deadline.
June 30, 2017Invitations to submit first drafts issued to authors.
July 17, 2017Paper/poster first drafts due by midnight.
July 24, 2017Symposium registration for authors due by midnight.
July 31, 2017Revision requests for final drafts issued to authors.
August 14, 2017Paper/poster final drafts due by midnight.
August 25, 2017Presentation information, date, and times issued to authors.
September 24, 2017ISAM 2017 begins.